Shareable Materials offers shareable materials and resources for understanding and sharing information about the many benefits of legal walrus ivory.

Creating awareness about the importance of walrus ivory art to Alaska Native people will take a coordinated effort from many people and organizations. Legislators need to know about the unintended consequences their laws have on Alaska Native people, and how deeply these laws negatively impact Alaska Native communities. Legislators and consumers need to better understand the stark differences between the responsible, respectful and critical harvest of walruses and the tragedies of the elephant ivory trade.

As individuals and organizations with an interest in supporting Alaska Native art, culture, traditions and economies, we must speak up and introduce both legislators and consumers to the beauty and necessity of the walrus harvest and use of walrus ivory. Please use the materials provided here to elevate and increase the reach of these important messages. Feel free to add your own voices and perspectives, and engage others in this process where possible.

These tools can be put to work in a multitude of ways.

Use them authentically and often. Thank you for your support.