About Us

WalrusIvory.org is a collaborative effort of many partners who are committed to the preservation of the land and its resources.

Thank you for your support of our ivory carvers, Native traditions and rural economies. We are honored to share our practices with the world as a celebration of culture and to expand knowledge about our unique ways of life. We appreciate your effort to help us raise awareness and create understanding. Together, we can reach hearts and change minds.

This effort is funded in part by Alaska Safe Travels grant funds and administered by Kawerak, Inc. WalrusIvory.org partners encourage visitors to travel to Alaska, see the living traditions first-hand and purchase walrus ivory artwork to support the Alaska Native artists and their communities.

We welcome you to contact us anytime.


Kawerak Outreach Director
504 Seppala Drive
Ublugiaq Building
2nd Floor


Kawerak, Inc.
P.O. Box 948
Nome, AK 99762

(907) 443-4344